Dec 26 2012

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Custom Footer for Graphene WordPress Theme

To remove the default credits Graphene puts into your theme using footer.php and links to WP etc and make your site more proffesional in appearance; let me show you the quick and dirty way 100% tested with the most current copy of the Graphine theme for WP by edting the footer.php file.

Remove lines 89 and 90 from the file /blog/location/wp-content/themes/graphene/footer.php you have to edit it via FTP or thru cPanels file manager not from the “editor” in your WP Dashboard; replace it with the snippet below and save the file, customise it to your liking and enjoy!

Example (put on line 89 after removing 89 and 90):

<p align="right"><a href="#">Custom Link Here</a> Custom Text Here</align>

Simple HTML is the easiest way to do this without getting too fancy.

The above is merely an example and the author(s) still get credit in the meta tags and headers. Only downside is if you update the theme it will overwrite it unless you change the files permissons to 640 to footer.php however I just upgrade and change it, takes 5 minutes or less. Difficulty = Easy

If you have a question drop me a line: Click Here for questions

* Make sure you back up your data before attempting this

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